A La Cart Service

A La Cart Services

We can do digital content creation, mobile website development, mobile app development and traditional website development a la cart service for a low price of $85 per hour for any of these services:

  1. A dynamic constantly changing website
  2. A mobile version of your website
  3. An Android Mobile App
  4. An iPhone Mobile Website
  5. A Facebook Business Page
  6. A Customized Twitter Page
  7. A Customized Youtube Page
  8. Videos for your Youtube Channel
  9. Presentations for SlideShare and similar sites
  10. Documents for Document Share Sites
  11. A Customized Blog Site
  12. Constantly changing content in your website, blog, and social Media sites
  13. Search Engine Optimization for your Website
  14. Search Engine Optimization for your Mobile Apps
  15. Written Content Creation for your websites both mobile and standard
  1. Search Engine Optimization for your Mobile Apps
  2. Written Content Creation for your websites both mobile and standard
  3. Graphical Content Creation for your website both mobile and standard
  4. Blogs written no less than weekly for your blog
  5. Ebooks written no less than each quarter
  6. Videos made no less than once a month
  7. Tweets sent no less than 3 times per day
  8. Facebook Posts no less than once a day
  9. Linkedin Posts no less than 3 times per week
  10. Linkedin Questions answered at least one daily and posted at least once per week
  11. Linkedin groups posting at least once a day
  12. Constant SEO interaction each month
  13. Social media listening and interacting on every mention

We would of course give you an estimate of costs based on your requirements upon request so you can manage your costs. Our digital content development A La Cart Service is perfect for anyone just starting out and testing the waters of digital marketing and content creation as well of for those just needing coverage of overflow work. the a-la-cart content creation is also perfect to test our ability to meet your needs before committing to a minimum of three months of digital content creation.

Whether you save with our comprehensive digital content creation or our a-la-cart service you will receive exceptional and timely service from our agency.

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