Advertisers are Falling Behind Technology

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The other day I was at a lawyer’s office bored waiting and I picked up a magazine and saw an ad for a famous brand with a QR code.  I was interested in the ad and I love using QR codes because to me they are still a novelty so I used it.  I was very surprised and confounded how such a large company could put a QR code on an ad and not have a mobile website for the landing page.  I mean it would be understandable to put a URL and not have it mobile ready but a QR code is strictly for mobile devices, how can they waste money and worse yet, my time, putting the ad with a QR code and not have a mobile optimized webpage or at least a landing page?  I was astounded how even large sophisticated advertisers are so behind the times in technology and understanding of the new consumer force.

Mobile internet users will reach 113.9 million in 2012, up 17.1% from 97.3 million in 2011
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With almost 37% of the US population and 48% of internet users, Mobile internet users are here to stay and growing by huge numbers.  Advertisers and business in general have to catch up with the technology and pay close attention to the mobile browsers.  They are not a small audience and if they are anything like me, they will leave your page ASAP if it is not a mobile website because it is way too difficult to navigate a regular page.  Business is lagging behind the times and everyone now needs to reach into their pockets and at minimum create a mobile website and most likely an app if they are a service business.

At the very least big companies need to catch up and stop wasting their advertising dollar putting QR codes that lead to regular websites.  Big business can lose a great deal by not catching up with technology and the fast moving pace of internet users who are moving to mobile at a breakneck speed.  Business has to adapt to prevent smaller more technology savvy businesses from sniping their customers simply by having a mobile optimized website.  This also gives a great opportunity for small businesses that are more nimble and can start mobile websites much faster and take customers from the larger snail-paced behemoths.  Mobile websites are especially helpful for smaller businesses that can use them to reach the 48% of internet users that are ready to find them and go to them within one hour of finding them on their mobile devices rather than their larger competitors without a good mobile web presence.



Mobile websites are a must for all businesses and they give an advantage to smaller business over larger businesses that lag behind
48% of internet browsers use mobile browsing especially during last mile searches, making a mobile website a must
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Print advertisers that spend a great deal on advertisers need to catch up with technology to benefit from the mobile web bump.
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