Avoid Reputation Management Nightmares That Can Last Forever

Reputation Management is not Easy with the Internet's Long Memory

Reputation Management is not Easy with the Internet's Long Memory

Emma’s Pizza (@EmmasPizza),has a huge problem.  Not that berating and calling their customers name in Twitter is not terrible, but really twitter has a short memory and if it was just twitter they could recover somewhat.  Sure it will hurt short and medium term but most twitter feeds are not saved and after it blows over it will pass.  They will lose customers and some that actually knew about the incident might mention them in the future but basically it will blow over inside of a few months.  The problem is that when their fiasco is captured by the blogosphere they will hurt for life.  While only a relatively few will remember the fiasco on Twitter, once the blogs pointing out their mistakes go up they will continue be crucified for life. Even people from other countries will write about them and keep the negative press up for them.  I am in Miami and do not even care about a business in Massachusetts but I am writing about it because it is timely and has lessons to learn. Blogs usually never go down and when people search for them these blogs will still come up; especially if major blogs have picked up the story.

If it was just one or two blogs it might not be so terrible after all they may be buried in the 5th page.  The problem is that many bloggers will get in the bandwagon like I did after reading another blog about them.  I was not privy to the controversy, I would not have ever known about them if it were not for that blog, but I picked them up reading the blog.  I added my own spin on the situation and I added to the internet memory engine with one more signal to add a nail to their coffin.

The points brought up in that blog are all valid and all quite obvious.  I mean they are business 101 best practices that should not be done in brick and mortar store and even less in social media.  They really do not need to be repeated as everyone knows you are just inviting trouble any time you berate a customer and call them name and become defensive with those trying to defend them.  The not so obvious consequence is that while twitter has a relatively short memory, blogs have a relatively forever memory. Unlike the short memory of newspapers and twitter, blogs will feed Google SERPs for life.  So I think the biggest lesson that is not so obvious is that:

Content marketers are starving for content and when a popular blog picks you up your trouble may never ever be over! Beware of the long memories you can create with your bad press.

The many blogs that will follow these reports will add enough nodes to you that they will keep your mistake fresh whenever someone searches for you.  So if a customer is considering you and searches for your address and sees your bad press they may stop considering you.  Your short term problems are bad but not as bad as cleaning your reputation for years after when people find blogs like these!  Make sure you handle things right if you make a mistake so the blogs about you are about how creatively you handled the problem instead of how terrible you handled them!

What can Emma’s Pizza do to avoid the tons of permanent blogs created about them?


Emma’s Pizza’s @EmmasPizza fiasco teaches that Twitter might soon forget but not the blogosphere.
Beware of the long memories you can create with your bad press. Google has a very long memory!
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Content marketers are starving for content if a popular blog uses you as an example of what not to do it will last forever!
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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Freak Out Over Low Blog Visit Stats [Data]


Hubspot Top Blog Views Stats Show that Even Top Sites Views are Small!



Blog visits statistics are something that many bloggers obsess over.  I was one of those frustrated by the low count on my blogs at times.  However, I have been tracking Hubspot for a long time and from time to time they reveal some of their statistics and it just floors me how little blog visits some of their top blog posts get.  Granted, the top post gets over 100K of visits but aside from that one the best posts hover in the low 20k visits and a full 40% of them are under 10K visits.  This is incredibly low for a site that is supposedly top of its space and has content galore, even a Web TV show!

Blog visit statistics are certainly important and the more targeted visits the better off you are but getting just a few views is not as bad it is sounds.  In analyzing the statistics they provided and other statistics I have gleaned from their webinars, I am amazed at how poorly some of their content and even some of their videos perform.  For having a huge audience and now Google behind them, these blog visits are anemic compared to their overall traffic and huge volume of targeted content.  So with my relatively minute traffic I can consider some of my top performers hits when comparing them to their traffic!

I used to freak out about only having views in the 50s at times but now I do not freak out any more.  I am not saying I would hate to see targeted blog visits statistics in the 100K range as they have achieved but I have realized there are at least three reasons why I should not freak out over low blog visit stats:

1) Targeted blog traffic coming to relevant and engaging content is much more important than huge traffic that does not convert.  Having huge untargeted traffic only feeds the ego because most of it, if any, will never convert.  Smaller super targeted traffic like Hubspot gets is the best content marketing traffic you can get!

2) Targeted blog traffic can still be beneficial even if the visitor does not convert.  As is the case with this very blog, a visitor might come and see something and blog about what they saw on your site and using best blogging practices places a link back to your website and helps with your SEO!  Massive untargeted traffic can actually hurt you because if they came based on a great title that did not deliver they can give you negative press.

3) Having even a few Loyal visitors that may appear to be silent but are very aware of you can still be a great plus.  In Hubspot’s case as in many businesses case, the constant contact does lead to noteriety and puts smaller content marketing agencies like mine on a track to become a future customer even if I do not qualify for them at this time.  The blog visits stats may say you have fewer readers but the readers you have may jut be incubating and creating a strong affinity to your brand until they are ready for your services.  It does not take massive traffic to convert customers and as with Hubspot, even huge traffic does not mean that most top content gets a good portion of the readership!

Please share your success story of how even a small blog traffic to a post converted to a customer!


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With relevant engaging content, even small blog traffic can build a loyal fan base that can soon become customers! ReTweet Me

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Free SEO—Facebook Provides It!

We all knew Facebook could get traffic to our website if we work it well.  We just did not know how much it really helped us until now.  A new study by SEOmoz.org about the SEO influence of Facebook sheds some shocking Facebook statistics about how effective Facebook link sharing is on top rank pages in Google.  Facebook shared links beat all of the other social network in SEO top placing of the shared links—it beat the nearest competitor Twitter by a lot!  Just by getting your visitors and network to share links you can get the best FREE SEO from Facebook and your only cost is elbow grease—a little innovation and time.
Here are some stunning statistics that prove how effective Facebook is at raising your SEO rankings:

Make it easy to share your links

It seems we need to find new ways to get our fans and friends on Facebook to share our links so that Google will rank us higher.  Of course there are many ways of encouraging link sharing but now we will need to be innovative and find new ones.  There are the traditional one like asking people to share, putting sharing widgets on the page to make it easier, starting a group on Facebook, and responding to all of your comments when possible!  But we will need to come up with new one. 

Innovate—Find New Ways to Encourage Facebook Link Sharing

One that just came to the top of my head is some kind of contest to trade links.  Another is a link trading app driven by contests perhaps.  Whatever we come up with we will need to pay more attention to the sleeping giant that is Facebook!


  • Work harder on Facebook and devote more thinking to getting link shares.
  • Make sure to make it easy for people to share by providing good sharing widgets in your site and wherever you can get them placed (such as your blog).
  • Innovate to give people extra incentives to pass that link along inside Facebook!
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Facebook Like Button Reveals some Important Secrets

The famous Like Button that has even transformed our language and inserted itself into so many TV shows and even movies has done so in just 1 year!  It just turned a tender one and it has transformed so much on the internet and has engrained itself into just about everything we do.  It is hard to visit a large site that has not integrated it.  Even the mighty Amazon has integrated with Facebook.
Hubspot gathered these great statistics about the Like Button that revealed some insights into its effectiveness:
5 Facebook Like Button Usage Statistics
1. 10,000 websites integrate with Facebook each day
2. More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook (including more than 80 of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites and over half of comScore’s Global Top 100 websites)
3. Over half of the 25 fastest growing comScore U.S. retail sites use Facebook
4. Media sites that adopt the Like button average a greater than 300% increase in referral traffic from Facebook
5. Every month, more than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites

Inserting a Facebook Like Button into your Website is Easy!

It has been reported a great deal that many people engage Facebook from outside Facebook, but figure number 5 illustrates just how important integration.  There is no excuse not to do as it is super easy to do.  Facebook even gives you the simple code to do it!  Just go to http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/  fill out the simple form, copy the code and paste it on your site.  It is really that simple!  Even if you do not know how to program a website it is cake to do—a simple copy and paste!


The secret of the Facebook Like button is that it is soooh easy to implement there is no excuse not to have it installed in your website, your blog, and any web property you have.  One sentence is all it took to tell you how to do it!  With all of the impressive Facebook metrics about the Like Button and Facebook Webpage Integration above the secret of its effectiveness is also quite clear and not so secret anymore!

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Google Places + Images= 60% more Visitors

They say a picture can tell 1000 words and in Google places an image can potentially get you 60% more visitors.  According to a survey by UK firm BrightLocal an image in a Google Places profile can increase clicks by 60%.
We have always contented that content marketing required a multimedia approach with images and video and presentations and publications to get all potential learning styles and preferences.  This study proves just how much images can influence a person to take action.  The SEO keywords may get them to the site but the images keep them there and give them an incentive to click through.  I always thought it was just me but I do ignore businesses without images or video in their site.  Now I know that I am with the majority that will see the business more positively if they have images!
Here is a chart that shows the statistics:

I highly recommend that you visit the entire Google Places Local Search Marketing Study as there are many nuggets of information there.  Look at this other chart from that study that tells you just how important Google and especially Google Places are for Local Searches:


  1. When doing content marketing never ever ignore images and videos and other supportive materials.
  2. Google dominates local search and part of your content marketing strategy for local businesses should include Google Places and your Google Places should have images.
  3. We recommend at least one video in the Google Places as I bet if they included videos in the survey that would increase the uptake even more.
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