Comprehensive Website and Mobile Development Plus Inbound Marketing and SEO

Comprehensive Website and Mobile Development Plus Inbound Marketing and SEO

It used to be that to develop a website all you needed is a single web developer and you could cheaply develop even a complex website. If you really want to have your digital precense to work for you then you will need:

  1. A dynamic constantly changing website
  2. A mobile version of your website
  3. An Android Mobile App
  4. An iPhone Mobile Website
  5. A Facebook Business Page
  6. A Customized Twitter Page
  7. A Customized Youtube Page
  8. Videos for your Youtube Channel
  9. Presentations for SlideShare and similar sites
  10. Documents for Document Share Sites
  11. A Customized Blog Site
  12. Constantly changing content in your website, blog, and social Media sites
  13. Search Engine Optimization for your Website
  1. Search Engine Optimization for your Mobile Apps
  2. Written Content Creation for your websites both mobile and standard
  3. Graphical Content Creation for your website both mobile and standard
  4. Blogs written no less than weekly for your blog
  5. Ebooks written no less than each quarter
  6. Videos made no less than once a month
  7. Tweets sent no less than 3 times per day
  8. Facebook Posts no less than once a day
  9. Linkedin Posts no less than 3 times per week
  10. Linkedin Questions answered at least one daily and posted at least once per week
  11. Linkedin groups posting at least once a day
  12. Constant SEO interaction each month
  13. Social media listening and interacting on every mention

This is just a short list of things that now require constant attention and it does require very specialized expertise. While some of these tasks can have a limited level of atomization, most of these tasks require 100% human labor because most of it is dealing with real humans and one on one many times. No SMB can afford the many professionals required to do this. While hiring a comprehensive Digital Content Production Agency is not cheap it certainly is cheaper than having all of these professionals on the full time payroll and at least one manager for each department.

aWiserStart offers a perfect balance of cost to productivity. Our package is significant lower than larger firms and because we handle less clients our attention to your needs will be great. Below please find the list of services we offer for one flat fee. Basically you are hiring us for any task mentioned above for one flat fee up to the time limit. We work with you to set priorities as to what work needs to be done within the allotted time. While SEO is included, it is the most basic plan for SEO, for a more comprehensive and more aggressive SEO plan there will be additional fees. If your time is spent we will also offer discounted hourly rates for doing more work.

  • Development Ongoing Website
  • Faceboook Pages
  • Twitter Page
  • Youtube Pages
  • 20 Blogs per Month
  • 150Micro-blogging interactions including tending Social Media spaces
  • SEO Services for website and social media spaces
  • Editorial calendar and ongoing content curation
  • 2 Landing Pages
  • Complete web development, graphical specialists, and content marketing team
  • Content Marketing Coaching as needed
  • Social Media Marketing as needed
  • Dedicated Social Marketing Specialist that provides, listening, content curator, and content propagation
  • 60 hours of work per week from all the various dedicated professionals required.

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Please take advantage of our no strings attached absolutely FREE 30 minutes consultation to discuss your needs. Content Marketing is not about a sales pitch and you will not get one. During this call we will access your needs and illustrate our value to you only! Our first interest is to help you and our goal is to give you at least one advice that you can bank on! call us at 786-315-9013.

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