64% of Facebook Users Fan Businesses

64% of Facebook Users Fan BusinessesMost people think of Facebook as just a harmless fad where no e-commerce occurs but that is far from the truth.  Part of being social is sharing what you do, all you do, including what you buy, where, and how much you saved.  It also includes giving recommendations to your friends.  All of these activities are business activities that your business can capitalize on and use to get sales.

64% of Facebook users have “fanned” at least one business.  This is not just B2C businesses; this includes B2B businesses as well; which have a strong presence in Facebook.  What this statistic means is that way more than half of Facebook users are willing to “recommend” a business through being a fan of the business.  Now that business pages can post as themselves this figure is bound to increase as more business post as businesses and not as individuals and increase their exposure.  When most users are willing to endorse a company, you know there will be a tremendous amount of business being done in Facebook.

Because 64% customers are willing to promote you for free, you need to take advantage of it!  By making special Facebook pages and Facebook Apps for our customers we can jazz up your image in Facebook, which let’s face it is most of the internet, and make your chance of receiving fans that much greater.  Since Facebook users do not like leaving  Facebook, by creating a micro-site inside Facebook for you we can give them the chance to Facebook Fan you without leaving Facebook and enjoy what you have to offer while keeping them happy in Facebook and potentially increase their interaction with you which means more exposure on their Facebook newsfeed!  Facebook inbound marketing is a good way to reach at least 384+ million people for free client recommendations and interaction, we can make it easier for you to reach these 384+ million (and growing daily) user!

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