Save Money by Outsourcing Content Marketing

 No time for Content Marketing? We can create your Content!Outsourced Content Creation and Content Curation Can Cost Less

Very large businesses can afford a full content marketing department which is recommended, but SMBs are sometimes hard pressed to have full staff on the job. With a minimal staff of one copywriter, one graphical/video professional, and one researcher/social media content manager it can get pricy—and that is only bare minimum for a small operation.  Perhaps you can produce a good deal of content but have trouble or no time for research, managing a content calendar, or producing supportive materials such as graphics, images, charts, videos, and more. Either way we can produce your content—and usually beat in-house content costs due to efficiencies we have created.  Since this is our primary business we have ways to speed up research and can spin content creation and content curation faster.  Of course we cannot do it alone; we will require a minimum of 2-4 hours a week of contact from you so we are in touch with the beat of your business.  No way can we do a good job without being very close to your business.


Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

While strictly not the same because inbound marketing encompasses many more things than content creation and content curation; content marketing is often used interchangeably.  Both are much more than creating blogs. Our Content Marketing Package includes blogging, micro-blogging, videos, documents, and presentation and all of those things are important to inbound marketing.  However, inbound marketing also has a host of other aspects such as email marketing, social media marketing, Q&A marketing, SEO, and several more—we can do these but they are not included in our standard content marketing services.  Our affordable package has the core services you need to succeed, all other services can be added a la cart!  No matter what other services are included in inbound marketing the core of social media marketing (yet another often considered synonymous term) is content creation and content curation.

Content Marketing and Social Media Sites

Social media is more than blogs and Facebook, it encompasses many different important sites. Our social media marketing packages addresses all of the major ones, Blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter. Cross platform marketing is very important. These sites are already relatively interrelated and when doing something on one it is a good idea to announce it on the others. After all content marketing is about talking to all of you audience everywhere that is appropriate. All of these sites have different requirements and marketing techniques associated with them. It takes a great deal of time to deal with all important social media sites. We help you save time with our affordable cost effective services.

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Please take advantage of our no strings attached absolutely FREE 30 minutes consultation to discuss your needs. Content Marketing is not about a sales pitch and you will not get one. During this call we will access your needs and illustrate our value to you only! Our first interest is to help you and our goal is to give you at least one advice that you can bank on!

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  1. No it is not very hard at all. You can start simply with or and get started in minutes with no technical knowledge. However, having a standard boilerplate blog design is not the most effective for search engine optimization (SEO) or for your image. We can do a full installation of a WordPress blog with any template you choose and one year of hosting for just $500. For only $750 we can do a custom template design. Of course there are cheaper designers than us and way more expensive, but the cheaper ones are not that much cheaper than us! Checkout for a list of designers they recommend. You can always ask me more specific questions here and I will try to help you out!

  2. Thank you so much. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember we have a free 30 minute no pressure no strings attached Consultation.

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