What is the Value of a Simple Visionary?

Can a visionary without any significant set of technical and even traditional social skills have value?  What is the value of an idea and an ideal?  What is the value of passion? They are all intangible things.  What can a passionate driven visionary without marketable skills achieve?  What did Steve Jobs achieve?


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Ideas without passion often get passed by, but ideas with passion can indeed go from the ethers of pure thought to a tangible iPhone.  Did the idealist create the product? Did he write the software? Did he draw the technical specs? Did he personally negotiate all of the deals that made the product a success?  No.  Did he even know what was possible and not possible all the time? No.  Did he take the fact that everyone said it was not possible for granted or did he make heroes of his engineers by proving them wrong and making the impossible possible?  Steve Job was not talented at anything tangible and he definitely had some funky nutty ideas that eventually did him in; but his priceless gift was his passion and his ability to contaminate everyone he touched and the general public with it. His single minded focus to achieve human perfection in each product and not accept failure nor excuses nor anything but the best gave him the ability to lead a bunch of zealots that believed in his vision to not only create the best products but convinced the public to buy into his vision at a price often 10 times more than other smart phones.  His ability to see trends that everyone else dismissed such as the need for a simple music player, a sleek status symbol of a phone, and a tablet that is way more useful in many ways than even a PC was indeed visionary.  His ability to sell it the public at a stupidly high cost was priceless.  But these miracles are what visionaries can achieve with their passion—he materialized his value into products but what he sold to his employees and the public was intangible ideals by speaking to their hearts.  Without these intangible ideals Apple would not exist at this moment.  Without his understanding and his passion, Apple would not be the largest company in the tech world and have $100 billion in cash in the bank.  He took it from the brink of death the healthiest company in the world.  He achieved all of this with just a passionate vision and proper guidance.

Steve Jobs’ Vision–Visionary Extraordinaire

What is the value of an idea? Zero. It is intangible and often unclear and misunderstood.  What is the value of a visionary’s idea? Priceless.  He or she has the ability to make the ideas real and tangible even if they themselves can do nothing more than guide the vision.  A visionary needs nothing more than his ideas and passion to make others give form and substance to them.  His ability to recruit talent is what solidifies his ideas and make them come to life.  His ideas may not even be well defined; they may just be a set of guidelines with no specific shape but with the right talent he can bring those loose sets of ideals to a value greater than it should rightly have.  The iPhone for example is grossly overpriced but it is so valued by the public that companies like Sprint and Verizon are losing money offering it just because the demand is so high since people feel a love for it.  This too is part of the visionary’s value, creating Love for his ideas and a fanatical following.

Ideas are worthless unless they can be made real in someone’s heart as is the ideals of most religions, and in the business world they are worthless unless they are made into a tangible product or service that not only makes it physically real but real in the heart of those willing to pay for it and advertise it fanatically for free.  Steve Jobs, like him or not, is indisputably a first class visionary and his vision will survive him for many lifetimes to come.  His company did not stop functioning or weaken after his passing, it became stronger and with each product sold, each dollar earned, each new innovation that follows his lasting guiding principles—it keeps his heart, spirit, and soul alive in the people he trusted to give life to his vision and the hearts of a grateful public that appreciates his gifts that made our lives just a little bit better and raised humanity one more step up in the evolutionary rung.


A visionary infects his followers with his vision and lets them give buzz and value to his ideals.
The value of an idea without passion is zero because it may never be heard; the value of a passionate idea is priceless.
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Steve Jobs’ vision inspired humanity itself and raised it one more step up in the evolutionary rung.
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